Investors' Services

Cash Rapatriation

Got cash in Vietnam to bring back home? Well depending on the source of the funds. ePCA is capable of helping you sending your cash back to your home country. Unlike what is usually said, it is not impossible to send cash out of Vietnam. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about cash rapatriation!

Work Permit and Temporary Resident Card

The right to reside and the right to work in Vietnam are two different concepts sometimes confused. ePCA can assist any investors/individuals to settle down in Vietnam legally and quickly without being harassed by tons of paperwork. Processing visas and other immigration documents with ePCA is fast and straightforward. No bad surprise!

Other Company Services

Annual Audit

Each company having the slightest foreign ownership will be subject to a mandatory audit done yearly after the preparation of the financial statements and annual report. Many foreign companies in Vietnam do not get their account audited and this could lead to a fine of  20.000.000VND per year unaudited. Therefore please get to it on time to avoid trouble.

Book keeping

Tired of losing documents? We understand your concern. Book keeping a full-time job that requires structure, dedication and seriousness. We are the only company in Vietnam offering an online and offline book keeping services. Anywhere anytime you have access to all your documents anywhere in the world.

Corporate Secretary

The breadth and importance of the role of the Company Secretary has increased markedly over the past five years. It is a unique role as the Company Secretary is often neither part of “line management” nor a member of the Board itself. There are endeavours to move the profession beyond that of being the “administrative servant of the board” to one which encompasses the broader role of “board advisor”.

Virtual Office

Starting your businesses in Vietnam and need an address to register your company. ePCA is offering this service for rates as low as 800.000VND per month. We will take care of your mail, phone and communication with the government. 

Trademark registration

Getting into the Vietnamese market fearing that your brand new idea and its brand will be taken away from you? Do not hesitate to trademark it immediately. Trademark law is protective in Vietnam and it is enforced. Trademarks are registrable for foreign individual and for foreign companies. It takes between 18 months and 24 months and the process is pretty straightforward. 

Payroll Management

Payroll is always a complicated matter, anywhere. Labor law is changing almost yearly and keeping up can become quite challenging. On top of it, that Ministry is famous for giving severe penalties. In case you have employee(s) that you wish to “declare”, we suggest you to use our payroll services in order to ensure total compliance. Our teams of payroll managers will make sure the social security, the health insurance and the Personal Income Tax you pay for your staffs are optimized and correctly calculated!

Nominee shareholder & Nominee director

The use of nominee shareholders and directors has been increasing in Vietnam, sometimes for financial and timing reasons. Some business activities may be inaccessible for foreign ownership or only accessible at prohibitive costs. In those cases, using a local Vietnamese nominee shareholder could made sense. It is also useful in the case of conditional ownership for some activities such as tourism.  

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