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What the advantages of foreign labor in Vietnam?

    You company is reaching a certain level of turnover and therefore the optimization and planning work is getting more interesting and intensive....


What is the difference between a shareholder and a legal representative?

Who will be investing with you? Shareholders will typically share the profits and the losses but no legal responsibilities. An LLC can be owned...


I am a Foreigner and I want to open a bank account in Vietnam, where should I go?

Need a bank account? Requirements for opening an account *online banking only (no ATM card) For Hongkong, Chinese, Singapore: Passport, Visa (tourist or business,...


As an investor, do I need a work permit exemption?

Until the end of 2020, regardless of how much capital is invested in the company, each investor will be eligible for a work permit...


What is the best process to sign a lease agreement ?

It is complicated to sign a fair deal in Vietnam with Vietnamese landlords unless you are well prepared and well advised. Here are some...


What business activities are allowed for Foreigners?

Business activities in Vietnam will be classified into 4 different groups :   1. The activities that are allowed to be carried out by foreign...

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